All About Physical Therapy Degree Program Rankings

Physical therapy degree programs prepare you for your state’s licensing exam in this field, teaching you skills that you’ll need to work with patients who have varying rehabilitation needs. Going to a top physical therapy school can help boost your resume so you’re offered high-paying positions with some of the best employers in the country. Here are some of the top schools you should consider, as ranked by U.S. News and World Report:

University of Southern California

Also ranking fairly high in the field of occupational therapy, the University of Southern California, or USC, has a central campus in Los Angeles, as well as other campuses through the area. This is a large school, with more than 16,000 students, so when you graduate, you’ll have a huge alumni support system. The school also have over 600 on-campus groups and organizations, as well as robust Greek options and sports programs. Their physical therapy degree program is part of the Department of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy.

University of Pittsburgh

Ranking just behind USC on U.S. News and World Report’s list of the top physical therapy degree programs is the University of Pittsburgh. This program is part of the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and earning your degree here allows you to participate in hands-on education and research at the university’s medical center. At the University of Pittsburgh, you can earn a number of degrees in the physical therapy field, including a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Master of Science in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (with concentrations in neuromuscular or musculskelatal physical therapy), or a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences. They also have a transitional doctorate programs for students coming from other medical backgrounds.

Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis is tied with the University of Pittsburgh as the second-ranked school for physical therapy in the United States. They are also ranked number one in the area of occupational therapy. At this school, you can study movement dysfunction from a clinical perspective, or you can perform research, based work at one of the center’s many labs. You’ll also get to work with real patients on a daily basis at the school’s medical center, and when you aren’t participating in program-related work, you can enjoy some of the many student activities planned every week at this campus.

How To Become A Physical Therapist

As one of the most important elements in a person’s recovery, physical therapy plays an key role in healthcare. Most careers require you to obtain a masters or even a doctorate, but with online classes growing in popularity, this feat is becoming easier. Below are some top-rated schools offering online programs in physical therapy.

A.T. Still University of Health Sciences – A.T. Still University of Health Sciences offers degrees and certificates that focus of allowing graduates to fill key roles on the healthcare industry. These programs provide flexible timelines for completion and turning in assignments. The PhD in Physical Therapy allows students to seek high level positions or leadership roles in the field.

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South University – South University specializes in bringing flexibility, convenience, and affordability to students across the nation through their online courses. These programs can place students in the center of fast-growing fields where great opportunities are abundant. The degree program is designed for students wanting to expand their careers as Physical Therapists.

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