The Average Salary for a Physical Therapist

Physical therapists help patients who need rehabilitation involving movement, and thanks to the aging population and advanced in medicine, workers in this field are in high demand. Let’s take a look at the salary you can expect if you choose to work as a physical therapist.

Base Salary for Physical Therapists

While salaries in any field vary depending on a number of factors, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average base salary for physical therapists was $77,990 as of May 2010. Many physical therapists work part-time, and if this is the case, you might by paid by the hour; in this case, the average rate is $37.50 per hour. Keep in mind that some physical therapists earn a six figure salary, with the top ten percent earning an average of $107,920 annually (for part-time workers, the top ten percent earn an average of $51.89 per hour).

Salary by Location

One of the most common factors that affects your salary as a physical therapist is location. If you live in a large city, you can expect to make more than if you live in a small town (though keep in mind that cost of living in these high-salary areas may also be more than in other areas. In some states, you can expect to earn more than others. For physical therapists, here are the top-paying states in which to live:

  • Alaska: $92,720
  • New Jersey: $87,270
  • Texas: $86,390
  • Delaware: $86,360
  • Maryland: $84,960

More specifically, the metropolitan areas with the highest-paid physical therapists are as follows:

  • McAllen/Edinburg/Mission, Texas: $120,690
  • Madera, California: $108,320
  • Fairbanks, Alaska: $101,860e
  • Midland, Texas: $100,790
  • Sherman/Denison, Texas: $97,250

In addition, if you’re interested in a highest salary but don’t want to live in a major metropolitan area, you should consider checking out jobs for physical therapists available in Sussex County in Delaware, the North Central Tennessee area, and Hawaii.

Salary by Employer

Along with location, the type of employer hiring you makes a big difference in your salary as a physical therapist. The most jobs in this industry are found in doctor’s offices and hospitals, but the highest-paid position are in consulting and home health care services. With both of these types of employers, you can expect to earn over $85,000 annually, again depending on your location (and other factors).

How To Become A Physical Therapist

As one of the most important elements in a person’s recovery, physical therapy plays an key role in healthcare. Most careers require you to obtain a masters or even a doctorate, but with online classes growing in popularity, this feat is becoming easier. Below are some top-rated schools offering online programs in physical therapy.

A.T. Still University of Health Sciences – A.T. Still University of Health Sciences offers degrees and certificates that focus of allowing graduates to fill key roles on the healthcare industry. These programs provide flexible timelines for completion and turning in assignments. The PhD in Physical Therapy allows students to seek high level positions or leadership roles in the field.

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South University – South University specializes in bringing flexibility, convenience, and affordability to students across the nation through their online courses. These programs can place students in the center of fast-growing fields where great opportunities are abundant. The degree program is designed for students wanting to expand their careers as Physical Therapists.

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