If the only thing more addicting than the latest diet news is your Twitter account, you’re in luck. Far from just celebrity and the gossip surrounding them, Twitter has millions of users micro-blogging on everything from the latest news headlines to the most fashionable wear in doggie vests. For those needing a little dietary inspiration, new frame of mind, or back to basics, there are loads of resources.

In fact, we were able to find the 100 best Twitter feeds for following your diet and sort them mostly by largest number of current followers. With options for vegans, gluten free, foodies, and even dessert, make room on your plate and Twitter time.

Best Twitter Feeds for Following Your Organic Diet

No matter what your diet calls for, organic meats, produce, grains, and dairy are sure to come up. Learn more with these Twitter users.

    1. Whole Foods : Based in Austin, TX, they have chains all across the country. In addition to posts on the benefits of adding organic foods to any diet, they also have ideas for meals, specials, and much more. Also a standout choice for answering the questions of their nearly two million followers.

    2. Real Food Media : They believe in traditional, slow food. This involves mostly organic foods that are from small farms and contain nutrient defense.

    3. GHC Health : This center is located in Houston and believes in natural health and organic diets. New happenings at the center and in the news are focused on.

    4. Cheese Slave : Can cholesterol be good for you? CS thinks so and buys food such as butter, bacon, and raw milk from organic farms. She tweets about why she does it and the benefits.

    5. Organic Food Bar : See how this one bar can make all the difference in a diet. Customer reviews and links to organic foods are often shared.

    6. Mister Natural : From Southwest Florida, he is interested in all things natural including organic farming, seeds, gardening, and food. Tweets generally focus in diet-building through healthy foods.

Best Twitter Feeds for Following Your Foodie Diet

If looking to expand your palette with your diet, these are the Twitter feeds for you.

    7. The Moment : Tweeting from New York, this account is where “style meets culture.” Increasing your food I.Q. is just one of the many purposes of visiting.

    8. Able Grape : Doug Cook is from San Francisco where he is a self-described computer techie turned wine geek. Learn more about both with a visit.

    9. Zagat Buzz : Don’t spoil your diet when you go out to eat. Zagat has all the reviews you need to make the most of your dining out experience.

    10. Denver Food Guy : You don’t have to live in Denver to get cuisine tips, but it doesn’t hurt. He recently even tweeted on how to make an interesting thing called Oyakodon.

    11. Gail Simmons : This “always hungry” foodie discusses the best of both food and wine. Rants and raves are often the topic of conversation.

    12. Rick Bakas : Branding is one of the extras you get when checking out this food and wine Twitter feed. He also links to items of related interest.

    13. Slashfood : The focus of the site and Twitter feed is to be everywhere delicious. See what they are sampling this week, which can include anything from South American wines to Baskin Robbins ice cream.

    14. Wine Dine TV : Join these two ladies as they sample food and wine from across the globe. Travel and lifestyle are also featured.

    15. Chi Restaurant : Get the best of Chicago restaurants with a visit here. A good stop if looking for food related deals in the area.

Best Twitter Feeds for Following Your Diet from a Cook

Up your kitchen game with the help of these Twitter feeds from food preparation professionals.

    16. Tyler Florence : A chef, restaurateur, and wine maker, he is based in San Francisco. Tweets can be on a new innovation, recipe, restaurant recommendation from anywhere on the globe, and more.

    17. Paula Deen : If your diet involves a lot or a little down home cooking, this is the Twitter feed for you. Paula is one of the many chefs featured on the Food Network and tweets recipes in addition to daily life.

    18. Rick Bayless : He is the chef and owner of the Frontera restaurant in Chicago. His specialty is Mexican food and he even hosts a related show.

    19. Rocco Dispirito : From New York, he is a chef, author, and former reality television star. Check out what he is up to by following him.

    20. Al Primo Canto : Based in Chicago, these chefs prepare Brazilian food at its finest. See what they are cooking up this week with a visit.

    21. Beard Foundation : James Beard’s focus is to celebrate and nurture American cuisine. See how you can join in with a look at his recipes, reviews, and more.

    22. Ron Barber : From Napa Valley, he is a freelance chef. Topics tweeted include weight loss, recipes, and even inspiration.

    23. Grilled Cheese Truck : If you think neither is very gourmet, check out this Twitter feed to hear different. These guys specialize in sharing “how they roll.”

    24. Love to Cook : This chef cooks as a hobby yet posts loads on how to do it right. She even welcomes feedback from her followers.

Best News Twitter Feeds for Following Your Diet

Because food makes headlines too, check out these Twitter feeds.

    25. Foodimentary : Visit here for the only Twitter user guaranteed to “pepper your day with fun food facts.” Tidbits such as the history of lollipops and food related philosophical quotes are featured regularly.

    26. Gourmet Food News : This Twitter feed provides just what the name says: headlines regarding news. A lasagna sandwich, redlove era apples, and others are just some of the topics tweeted on.

    27. L.A. Times Food : News, recipes, and reviews are just some of the items offered by the staff in the food division of the “L.A. Times.” Followers are even encouraged to send in their own picks and pans.

    28. Serious Eats : Find, watch, eat, and talk are just some of the things promised by the Twitter feed. You can also sort lists on items such as chefs and food media.

    29. Epicurious : Tanya Steel and the rest of the Epicurious editorial staff bring you this Twitter feed. Updates, tips, and more are just some of the things they focus on.

    30. The Food Section : Editor Josh Friedland brings you the “talk of the taste buds.” Subjects broached include dining etiquette, champagne, and even how science relates to food.

    31. Gourmet News : The latest happenings in gourmet cooking are featured here. Randy tweets about new innovations, recipes, giveaways, and more.

    32. Amanda Rose : Is there such a thing as food politics? Amanda tweets all about it in addition to gardening and depression.

    33. Bay Area Bites : Based in San Francisco, this is the public blog of radio station KQED. Recent entries are on processed vegetarian foods and the market scene.

    34. Sam Sifton : He brings you the latest food news from his dining desk at “The New York Times.” See how to dine in the big city with his help.

Best Twitter Feeds for Following Your Healthy Diet

Healthy eating and cooking are even easier with the help of these Twitter feeds.

    35. Steamy Kitchen : Jaden also authors a blog of the same name. Both accounts focus on food discovery, healthy eating, and other recommendations.

    36. Healthy Happy Life : Visit here for another Twitter feed of a blogger who enjoys the healthier style of food. They also offer wellness tips, vegan recipes, trends, and more.

    37. Cooking Light : This leading magazine joins in the Twitter craze with loads of useful links. Tips, stretching your budget, while decreasing your waist are all shared.

    38. ADA : If managing or avoiding diabetes is part of your healthy diet, stop here for the Twitter feed from the American Diabetes Association. The latest news surrounding the disease and food tips are shared.

    39. Earth Eats : Learn about foods that are good for you and the Earth here. Recent tweets are on local farmers and raw milk.

    40. Delicious Cooking : Organic food and social media are featured here. Recipes and cooking tips are boasted to be at over one million.

    41. Allrecipes : Choose from just the healthy ones or get them all here. Sure to help you “stir things up.”

    42. Culinate : This is the online food magazine for those who want to eat better. Tips include local food, baking, and even a show called Table Talk.

    43. No Meat Athlete : Matt is training for a marathon on Maryland. See how he does it without the help of meat here.

    44. Healthy Cook Dude : Low fat and low carb is the sort of dieting information you will find here. He often links to items of interest.

Best Vitamin Twitter Feeds for Following Your Diet

Get the latest news and information on how vitamins, minerals, supplements, and more can jump start a diet below.

    45. Pure Genesis Pure : The Twitter feed focuses mostly on how lack of certain vitamins can cause hazardous health problems. The latest include breast cancer and IVF.

    46. Nutrition : All tips related to nutrition are featured here. A scoring system and Jamie Oliver were the topics of recent tweets.

    47. Troptraditions : See how coconut oil can aid your diet here. They also have soy free eggs, grass fed meat, and other products.

    48. Pete Zdanis : From Pennsylvania, he is an entrepreneur in health and nutrition. He also tweets on social networking and marketing.

    49. iHerb Inc : Natural and legal products are the focus here. Answers to what their products can do for you are also shared.

    50. Swanson Vitamins : This account tweets about health, organics, and vitamins. Learn more about the products and even specials with a look.

    51. Doctor’s Choice : Dr. Dennis Sandler has loads to say on supplements and vitamins. He also has a quote from an early Roman author greeting all.

    52. Lucky Vitamin : With over 30,000 items available over the net, make time for this account. You can also get the latest news and deals.

    53. J. Brad Str. : John Bradstreet is from Massachusetts. His Twitter feed focuses mostly on news concerning pharmaceuticals, supplements, and related items.

    54. Purity Products : Scientific research and nutrition combine here. Best sellers, blog updates, and specials are often the topic of choice.

    55. 911 Health Beauty : Want products from the Canadian side? Then visit here for remedies, supplements, and other products for healing and wellness.

Best Vegan/Vegetarian Twitter Feeds for Following Your Diet

If meat and/or dairy isn’t part of your diet, these are the Twitter feeds to help you not even miss them.

    56. 101 Cookbooks : Heidi Swanson’s cookbook collection is actually larger than the title suggests. However, the Twitter feed stands out for bringing the best and the healthiest to one place.

    57. The Veggie Grill : CEO Kevin Boylan owns a company of the same name. If looking to maintain a veggies only diet, this is the stop for tips, daily life, and more.

    58. Healthy Happy Life : A vegan minded lunch is the topic of this Twitter feed. Vegan faves and recipes often top the list of tweets.

    59. Vegimentary : Get one of Twitter’s best veggie fact tweeters here. Facts, myth, and even trivia for vegans are featured.

    60. Your Daily Vegan : If vegan is more a way of life than diet, click here. The account is run by unapologetic vegans on a mission to bring the vegan life to the masses.

    61. Veggie Chef Mayra : Vegan tips from a professional chef are shared here. You can even get links to shows and recipes from her.

    62. Veganacious : Barbara is a vegan from Texas who has lots to say on the subject. She also connects with followers through personal messages.

    63. Vegan Treats : Get vegan ideas for the best part of the diet, dessert, here. Pictures of their creations are often featured.

    64. Veggie Tweets : Get provoking veggie quotes, facts, and links for the lifestyle. Links to items of interest are often shared.

Best Weight Loss Twitter Feeds for Following Your Diet

If looking to shed a few pounds with your new diet, the below can be of great help.

    65. Lose Weight 123 : Click here for a one stop resource on the latest advice, tools, and resources to lose weight. Retweets are often featured.

    66. Diane Gilabert : From San Diego, she tweets healthy weight loss and fitness tips. The latest include eating a variety of plant foods for protein.

    67. Hungry Girl : If appetite is the reason your diet doesn’t stick, stop here. Lisa gives loads of useful tips for curbing appetites, snacking, and everything in between.

    68. Eat This Not That : Learn which foods to avoid with the help of this leading site. Also authoring many books of the same name, this is a must read for just about any diet.

    69. Elise Bauer : Because prepackaged food are such a leading cause of being overweight, stop here for simple recipes. Learn to make things at home such as BBQ sauce and others.

    70. Diva on a Diet : From Atlanta, she tweets on dieting with a diva point of view. Topics of discussion include Weight Watchers items, recipes, products, joys, and sorrows.

    71. Diabetes Mine : Learn everything a blogger an sufferer of diabetes has to share. The blog is one of the most popular on the subject, in addition to weight loss, and has more.

    72. SparkPeople : This leading site connects people who want to lose weight and get healthier. The Twitter account links to the latest news items with more.

    73. A Merry Life : Mary Thompson is on a quest to lose 100 pounds. See how she maintains her sanity and weight in the Twitter feed.

Best International Twitter Feeds for Following Your Diet

Expand your horizons while following your diet with a look at the below.

    74. Chez Pim : Pin Te travels across the globe to bring you the most exotic in food. She recently visited France and tweets all about it.

    75. Food Network CA : This Twitter feed is especially for those living in Canada. It includes food recipes, news, and even the occasional giveaway.

    76. Rick Griffin : He is the co-host of the Midlife Road Trip Show. Travel and food are just some of the things discovered here.

    77. BBC Good Food : Go behind the scenes with the help of the U.K.’s number one food magazine and website. They often link to the latest in food related items.

    78. The Klutzy Cook : This Twitter user is from Australia where she shares all things cooking. Comfort foods, soup, and desserts were just some of the latest topics.

    79. Filipino Food : Expand your knowledge of Asian cuisine by learning about Filipino food. The account even shares recipes followers have sent in.

    80. Gourmet Traveller : Australia’s leading food magazine stops here to tweet on all things gourmet. This includes chocolate, roasts, baking, and much more.

    81. Master Chef Australia : Another entry from the land down under, he often tweets on kitchen creations. He also links to items that interest him.

    82. Time Out Eat Drink : Visit here for “bite sized” updates from London’s food and drink team. Daily updates are often the topic of tweets.

Best Twitter Feeds for Following Your Gluten Free Diet

If you have, or suspect you have, an allergy to wheat, try out these dieting Twitter feeds.

    83. Gluten Free 101 : Dr. Tatiana DiDonato learned all about Celiac disease when her husband contracted it. She now gives expert tips on living with the condition and diet.

    84. Gluten Free Dude : Chad Hines runs this social network for loads of people on a gluten free diet. Links to items of interest are often shared.

    85. Karina Allrich : She is a photographer in addition to “gluten free goddess.” She also follows a vegan diet, with a few raw products.

    86. Guaranteed GF : Stacy LaRoche is from Manhattan where she believes gluten free should be more than a prescriptive diet. She believes in the diet’s ability to heal.

    87. Gluten Free Fox : Kristen Campbell is the founder of a gluten free search engine. Get tips and links to all sorts of gluten free items with a visit.

    88. Jens Gluten Free : If having a gluten free diet involves kids, click here. Jennifer does it from Florida, with six kids of her own.

    89. Miss Amy O : Think gluten free means no cupcakes? Then think again as Amy prepares cupcakes in a traditional gluten free way.

    90. Delight GF : This magazine focuses on gluten free for foodies and other dieters. Also a good choice for those with Celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and other food allergies.

    91. Gluten Free Dee : She is a public speaker and founder of a gluten free food bank. Inspirational quotes are often featured.

Best Twitter Feeds for Following Your Dessert Diet

The last part of the meal doesn’t have to be left out with the help of these Twitter feeds.

    92. Cake Wrecks : Cake gone wrong is the focus of Jen’s Twitter feed. With a show of the same name, pictures, commentary, and more are just some of the reasons she has over one million followers.

    93. Humphrys Locombe : Get ice cream with attitude from this San Francisco vendor. New flavors, innovations, and more are featured.

    94. Dunkin Donuts : With over 50,000 followers, this leading doughnut seller is doing something right. Other products include gourmet coffee, healthy breakfast sandwiches, and they often answer questions.

    95. Chocolate and Cheese : With a focus on each, you can get useful tips for before and after a meal here. They also have facts and inspirations involving both delicacies.

    96. David Lebovitz : A chef from Paris, his focus is pastries. With a warning of “unfollow me now or forever hold your peace,” he can jeopardize just about any diet.

    97. B&W Cookie Co. : If you remember the “look to the cookie” line in Seinfeld, then you might already be a fan of the black and white cookie. Stop here to see how they improve the world one cookie at a time.

    98. Bakespace : Get tweets from Babette, the founder of a website of the same name. Tips and recipes are featured in addition to feedback.

    99. Champion Donuts : This Twitter user doesn’t make doughnuts, just loves them. The rounded dessert is usually the focus of tweets.

    100. The Cheesecake Restaurants : Also a traditional restaurant, they are famous for what they promise in the title. Latest happenings are often tweeted on.

Be sure and consult your family doctor before beginning one of the diets featured in the above 100 best Twitter feeds for following your diet. If you suspect you have a food allergy, be sure to ask.