Because you can only read so much about physical therapy, seeing what you are learning is also an important part of education. But where ordinary images and text lessons stop, infographics take over. They are a combination of information and graphics that can help students learn many subjects, including physical therapy.

To show you more, we have gathered 20 stunning physical therapy infographics. They can help everyone from the physical therapy student to licensed practitioner and even patient understand more about the anatomy, diagnosis, and treatment of many physical therapy problems.

Stunning Diagnostic Physical Therapy Infographics

Use these Infographics to help learn and diagnose many physical therapy ailments.

  1. Spine

    Because it all starts with the spine, check out this infographic. It is from Anatomium and can be clicked on to enlarge, or viewed as many different images. There are also other parts of the anatomy for the viewing here.
  2. Vertebral Column

    Similar to the above, get an infographic on the spine here. This particular one outlines the parts of the lateral and posterior spine column. The main site also offers tons of other infographics on the spine.
  3. Skeleton Bones

    Don’t have the time or memory to learn all of the over 200 bones in the human body? Then check out this infographic for just the major ones. The site also has more on each individual bone.
  4. Muscles in the Back

    Don’t know the sternocleidomastoid from the teres major? Then check out this infographic. It shows all the major muscle groups found in the human back.
  5. Leg Muscles

    Vaughan’s Blog has loads of anatomy images, including this one outlining the muscles in the leg. There are also many other similar images on the site. You can even get images on workouts that build specific muscles.
  6. Arm Muscles

    Check out this infographic to learn many of the arm muscles. It is provided by Encyclopedia Britannica and offers links to more information. You can also get other related infographics on the site.
  7. Muscles of the Hand

    Learn about the muscles of the hand in this infographic. It contains the four lumbrical muscles that arise from the tendon of flexor digitorum profundus muscle. There are also diagrams on the joints and bones of the hand on the site.
  8. Muscle Strain

    A strain is one of the most common ailments a physical therapist will come across. The simple diagram from Kosmix shows the difference between strained and normal muscle tissue. There is also more on the topic on the main site.
  9. Muscle Pull

    Another common injury for physical therapists, learn more about muscle pulls in this infographic. It shows which are most common along with where they are found. Clicking on the image can take you to Pulled-Muscle which has more on each pull.
  10. Paralysis

    The inability to move is often encountered by the physical therapist. In this simple infographic, the levels and areas of paralysis are shown. It is provided by Wu Stem Cells Medical Center, which has more on the topic.

Stunning Educational Physical Therapy Infographics

Use these images to help you and your patients learn some preventive and treatment techniques.

  1. Sports Injuries

    Because athletes are common patients, there is this infographic from Madden PT Blog. It has many of the most common sports injuries, as well as treatments. The main blog also has much more for physical therapists.
  2. Why Sitting is Bad

    We all need to do it, but sitting too much can actually cause problems. This infographic has statistics on why sitting can be bad and how much is bad for you. The guys at Rehab Students have more.
  3. Shoulder Therapy

    The Department of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine at Kagoshima University is the provider of this infographic. It contains many practices for shoulder therapy. There are also twelve other infographics to be found on the site.
  4. Treatments for Fibromyalgia

    This disease of the nerves can cause chronic pain and have patients seeing physical therapists. Check out this infographic from Cure Together to view the most effective treatments for it. In all, 38 different treatments are ranked.
  5. Exercise for Lower Back Pain

    Madden PT Blog returns for this infographic. In it, they show many of the common exercises prescribed for lower back pain. This image contains the first of eight different exercises.
  6. Golf Stretches

    Have a patient who plays golf and needs physical therapy? Why not show them these stretches specifically for golfers that can help cut down on injuries. Twelve different ones are shown.
  7. Stretching

    If you just need some basic stretches, check out this entry from Bayswater Neuromuscular. It contains five different stretches. The main site also has loads more information for physical therapists and patients.
  8. Cold Compress

    Anyone can put ice on a muscle strain, but why should you? Learn the answer by looking at and reading the guide from the University of Maryland Medical Center. An actual M.D. discusses why.
  9. Heating Therapy

    But what about the other end? Heat is also commonly used in physical therapy. In this infographic and blog entry, “Bruce the Old Jock” shares a heat therapy breakthrough on his blog.
  10. Physical Therapy Results

    But what good is all this physical therapy doing? Take a look at this chart from the British Journal of Sports Medicine to see. The main site has more on the evidence of exercise therapy in the treatment of chronic disease.

These images are for educational purposes only. If you have a chronic ache, pain, or other injury, consult a licensed physical therapist before following any of the advice read above on the 20 physical therapy infographics.