If you are interested in helping others recover their physical faculties, you can learn more about becoming a physical therapist. There are a number of techniques that can be used, on different parts of the body, to help patients learn how to use their bodies more effectively.

Thanks to the Internet, and video, you can see these techniques demonstrated. It can really help to see physical therapy techniques demonstrated practically, and you can get a better idea of how to perform them on your own after watching. Here are 40 YouTube videos that offer a look at different techniques:

Physical Therapy Techniques for the Back

The back is one of the parts of the body most often negatively affected on a number of levels. There are a number of helpful physical therapy techniques that can be used to address a variety of back issues.

  1. Physical Therapy Tips: Physical Therapy Techniques for a Bulging Disc: Learn more about the spine, and some of the techniques for treating a bulging disc.
  2. Physical Therapy Tips: Exercises for Sciatic Nerve Pain: Learn how to reduce pain in the sciatic nerve in the back.
  3. Physical Therapy Exercises for the Back: More Ways to Do Pelvic Tilts for Back Physical Therapy: One of a variety of videos aimed at physical therapy techniques designed to help the back.
  4. Physical Therapy Exercises for the Back: Range of Motion Exercises: Learn more about different range of motion exercises you can do to help your back.
  5. Physical Therapy – Preventing Low Back Pain During Pregnancy: A great video with techniques for preventing back pain during pregnancy.
  6. Physical Therapy Exercises for Shoulder Muscles: Helps with upper back pain.
  7. How Physical Therapy Can Help Back Pain: A great look at the ways that physical therapy can be beneficial in terms of easing back pain.

Foot, Leg and Ankle Physical Therapy Techniques

If you are helping someone recover the use of lower limbs, these techniques can be helpful. Find out more about physical therapy and how it can improve the use of legs, feet, and ankles.

  1. Achilles Tendon Physical Therapy Exercises: Learn about massaging the Achilles tendon effectively as a therapy technique.
  2. Achilles Tendon Physical Therapy: How to Massage the Calf Muscle: You can learn how to massage the calf muscle as part of therapeutic treatment.
  3. Physical Therapy: Massage Physical Therapy Techniques for Plantar Fasciitis: A helpful technique for plantar fasciities.
  4. Exercises for Iliotibial Band Syndrome: Learn how to do exercises to treat IT band syndrome more effectively.
  5. Physical Therapy Exercises for Foot and Ankle Pain: Shows strength building exercises that can help you avoid pain.
  6. The Alphabet Exercise for Ankle Pain: Help get beyond ankle pain with this interesting exercise.

Physical Therapy Techniques for the Neck

Find out more about treating neck problems. These physical therapy techniques are demonstrated so that you can learn more about improving neck function.

  1. Physical Therapy Neck Stretches: Helpful look at using neck stretches as part of physical therapy.
  2. 45 Degree Angle Stretch for Neck Physical Therapy: Find out how you can do this specific stretch aimed at helping your neck.
  3. Scalene Muscle Stretch for Neck Physical Therapy: Get your neck muscle properly stretched.
  4. Interior Neck Muscle Exercise for Neck Physical Therapy: You might be surprised at the muscles in your neck. Use this exercise to help the interior muscle.
  5. Stretching & Relaxation for Neck Physical Therapy: Learn how to relieve tension in your neck.
  6. Stretching to Relieve Neck & Shoulder Pain: This physical therapy treatment can help you get beyond neck pain.

Arm, Wrist and Hand Physical Therapy Techniques

Recover the motor use of your upper limbs with these helpful YouTube videos. Great resources to help you become a better physical therapist.

  1. Arm Circle Exercises as Shoulder Physical Therapy: Use this arm exercise to help your shoulders.
  2. arm wrist shoulder: Techniques to help you learn how to treat the arm, wrist and shoulder in physical therapy.
  3. PNF, Stroke Recovery, Spasticity and Hand Therapy Physical Therapy: This hand physical therapy can help in stroke recovery.
  4. Drop Arm Test: Learn how to use the drop art test to check for tendon tears.
  5. Tennis Elbow Exercises: Physical therapy exercise to help treat tennis elbow pain.
  6. Elbow Exercises for Complex Regional Pain: Ease complex regional pain with these exercises.
  7. Physical Therapy for a Frozen Shoulder: Help your shoulder regain better movement.
  8. How to Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis: Physical therapy to techniques to relieve arthritis in the hand.

Working with Prosthesis in Physical Therapy

Learning to work effectively with a prosthesis can be a real challenge. A physical therapist needs to know how to help patients learn techniques to help. These YouTube videos demonstrate helpful techniques for use with prosthesis.

  1. Advancements in Prosthetics – Inside the Socket: Learn more about the socket of a prosthesis. Helps you undertand how it works, so you can be more effective.
  2. Horse Therapy: A look at how this can help a little girl learn to walk with prosthesis.
  3. Understanding Phantom Pain and Phantom Sensation: Learn more about this phenomenon that can affect recovery.
  4. How a prosthetic hand/claw works: A look at the way a prosthetic hand works. Can be helpful as you create physical therapy programs.
  5. Warrior Care: Gait Lab:  A look at the gait lab treating wounded soldiers.
  6. Prosthetic Application: How to put on a prosthesis.

Other Physical Therapy Techniques

See other physical therapy techniques when you watch these videos. You can find out more about different scoring methods, and about helping patients who are facing different challenges.

  1. Physical Therapy Education: How to score the OPTIMAL scale: A helpful video from a physical therapist on how to use the OPTIMAL scale.
  2. Physical Therapy Tips: Physical Therapy Techniques: These are techniques meant to help with mobilization.
  3. Physical Therapy Treatments: Physical Therapy Treatments for Spina Bifida: Using resistance techniques to help treat spina bifida and strengthen the body.
  4. Cralle Physical Therapy: This news feature on the therapy techniques of Ray Cralle is very interesting. Cralle is an internationally known physical therapist whose help treat Cerebral Palsy, stroke and brain injury.
  5. Exercise Equipment – Wheelchair Tips – Physical Therapy: Exercising when in a wheelchair.
  6. Physical Therapy and Interstitial Cystitis (IC): A look at techniques that can help you with bladder pain.
  7. Insomnia Help with Mind Body Physical Therapy Methods: You can learn how to use physical therapy to treat insomnia.