Target your core and small muscle groups with Pilates, an exercise that uses few if any exercise equipment. The benefits of Pilates include increased stamina, toning abs, better posture and balance, and stronger back and core muscles. However, if you don’t have the time or money to get to a Pilates class, achieving the above can be more difficult.

To make things easier, we have collected the 50 best blogs for the Pilates beginner. Increase your education with Pilates entries specifically for beginners, pregnancy Pilates, yoga Pilates, Pilates exercises with a stability ball, and much more with a simple visit.

Best Blogs for the Pilates Beginner by an Expert

These experts both teach and live Pilates in their lives and blogs.

    1. Pilates : Marguerite Ogle is your expert guide to Pilates in this blog from Must reads include Pilates for the beginner, weight loss, and even a 30 day quick start. There are also discussion forums and videos.

    2. Pilates Pro : A blog by experts for experts, this blog still has loads to offer the Pilates beginner. Articles cover everything from anatomy to profiles of studios. You can also use the blog to find a studio in your area.

    3. Pilates and Reiki in Paradise : Lynda Lippin is an expert Pilates instructor living in a resort spa in the Caribbean. Her blog focuses on Pilates and Reiki. Travel is also discussed.

    4. Pilates Goddess : Another blog by Lynda, this one focuses more on Pilates. Understanding the pain and confusion surrounding it, she seeks to clarify all things Pilates related. A recent entry was on Pilates and jewelry.

    5. Heads Up on Your Body : Elaine is part of the Rhinebeck Pilates studio. Answers to common questions are often the focus of blog entries. One of the latest posts was on switching from push-ups to roll-ups.

    6. Centerworks Blog : Mind, body, and spirit are centered on in this Pilates blog. Aliesa George is a health expert who uses Pilates to treat a variety of ailments. Foot cramps are just the latest condition dealt with in the blog.

    7. Pilates Marketing : News, apparel, videos, and even continuing education are the topics of this Pilates blog. Categories range on everything from arthritis to Pilates in Thailand. A recent entry was on how Serena Williams uses Pilates.

    8. Pilates Blog : Pilates information from across the globe is featured here. Although the blogger has not posted in a while, expert entries still contain useful information. Detailed instructions, methods, and more are shared.

Best Sites for the Pilates Beginner

These websites have loads more tools for Pilates beginners.

    9. : How can Pilates help the NFL? Visit this site to read with a coach who explains just how along with tons of other items on Pilates. Be sure not to miss the Balanced Body Podcasts with loads more.

    10. Pilates Digest : Everything from the business of Pilates to product reviews is featured here. Popular entries include the Psoas muscle and foam roller fun. Beginners will find many other instructional items just for them.

    11. Spine Health : Get Pilates for back health information here Exercises, programs, and more are featured. They also have resources for yoga and Tai Chi.

    12. Pilates Fitness Journal : Each issue of this magazine offers feature Pilates articles, news, Pilates exercise videos, book reviews, and more. They also have reviews of Pilates related items.

    13. Pilates Insight : Learn more about Pilates with the help of this site. Topics include its history, principles, and benefits. They also tell the difference between different types of Pilates.

    14. Stott Pilates : This store sells tons of Pilates equipment over the internet. However, beginners can stop by to get items such as the top ten Pilates articles and more. Click on education to get more information.

    15. Learn Pilates : The experts at eHow show the art of Pilates here. Basics include terminology, how to, and even a home guide. There is also a section on Pilates exercises.

    16. Discover a Hobby : This site has a free, online Pilates lesson. Four sections teach introductory Pilates, useful links, multimedia, and books/products.

Best Blogs for the Pilates Beginner with a Twist

Pilates and many other forms of alternative health are featured in the below blogs.

    17. Yoga Pilates Blog : Both yoga and Pilates are the focus of this blog. Get many useful tips for the beginner including the benefits of both. You can also get product reviews, breathing tips, and more.

    18. Fitness Diva Blog : Lynda also returns in this blog. The focus of discussion is products, reviews, and more in her expert Pilates opinion. She recently sampled Kettlebells and tells more.

    19. Power Pilates Blog : Get Pilates for power on this blog. Exercise tips and even food and nutrition are topics of posts. A recent entry featured an interview with a Pilates expert.

    20. Pilates for Dummies : If you need help in the most basic sense of Pilates, this is the site for you. The authors of the famous “Dummies”books have an online guide to Pilates. Videos, guides, and even a fitness glossary help learn the basics.

    21. Best Pilates Workout Exercises : Fatty Weight Loss is a blog all about dropping pounds. In this entry, they discuss the best Pilates workouts in detail featuring videos and guides. There are also other entries for those interested in losing weight.

    22. Sarah’s Fab Day : Get motivated in your day with the help of Sarah. In addition to Pilates, she also discusses coffee, food, design, and much more. Things that inspire are often the topic of conversation.

    23. Pilates Workout Blog : Laurette shows how to combine Pilates with a successful workout program. Categories include certification, fitness, and even reform. One of the latest posts was on tips for how to begin a Pilates journey.

    24. Health Blog : Health, nutrition, and yoga are the focus of this blog in addition to Pilates. Although new entries haven’t been posted for a while, they still have entries on items such as balance, weight loss, and diets.

Best Videos for the Pilates Beginner

Learn by doing with the help of the below Pilates videos.

    25. Balanced Body Pilates : Get videos for instructors, therapists, and new enthusiasts here. Download and watch the latest tips, exercises and much more. No matter what your Pilates background is you’ll find something of interest here.

    26. Samsara Pole Studio : Hundreds of videos for the Pilates beginner, moderate, and expert are offered on this YouTube channel. Melissa has incorporated both Pilates and pole dancing in her studio and shares more here. Visit to get moves such as inverting in rope and the March pole.

    27. Free Pilates Videos : These expert videos are provided by Classic exercises such as The Hundred and more are shown in detail. There are also dozens more on both common and little known Pilates exercises.

    28. Hulu : Many popular television shows and movies are posted here for free. You can also find many clips on Pilates, yoga, and related exercises. Current choices include yoga and Pilates for Zen, in the a.m., and for the hips.

    29. Exercise TV : Dozens of fitness experts use Exercise TV to showcase their best. Several Pilates experts show you how to exercise from top to bottom here. You can also get videos on every other exercise topic from abs to walking.

    30. Ultimate Pilates Workouts : The Pilates Center of New York provides these videos. Featured workouts, along with videos of the month are offered. You can also look up Pilates workout by type.

    31. Pilates on Fifth : If you enjoy the above, you will enjoy the related YouTube channel. Over 160 uploads are on everything from the stability ball to hand bands. You can even get Pilates in foreign languages.

    32. Pop Pilates : This video blogger is both a Pilates instructor and designer. Learn more about the concept of Pop Pilates with a visit. Full workouts are shared.

    33. Pilates Digest : Their goal is to engage the Pilates community online. Videos show workouts such as the swan, leg pull, and spine stretch.

    34. Be You TV : Beginners working out in any form of exercise including Pilates can come here for both expert and amateur videos. Videos can be narrowed by difficulty, category, and even muscle targeted. There is even a Pilates video of the day.

Best Fitness News Blogs for the Pilates Beginner

Learn the latest in fitness news including every new craze from fad diets to Pilates.

    35. Science Daily : Headlines are updated on a minute to minute basis on this leading site. Supplements, exercise, and many other topics are discussed. You can even narrow headlines down to the topic of your choice.

    36. Medical News Today : Sports medicine is reported on regularly on this health website. Choose from an A to Z range of topics. The latest are on banned substances and scientific breakthroughs.

    37. iVillage : The Diet and Fitness section of this site is a popular choice for women. Experts, bloggers, and more weigh in on both. There are even slideshows on topics such as fun ways to keep the family fit and the ten best workouts for summer.

    38. MSNBC : Loads of fitness related stories are linked to here. Everything from muffin tops to knee injuries is discussed in detail. You can also get unique videos on fitness.

    39. WebMD : This leading health site has loads of news and features. The Healthy Living section is full of tips and recommendations for living a better lifestyle. Best of all, experts regularly weigh in via blogs and videos to discuss even more.

    40. NY Times Health : Just the health news is featured on this section of “The New York Times.” Over 3,000 health topics are covered in the guide and Tara Parker-Pope is the blogger for health and well living. Current popular stories are on music for exercise and how to communicate with doctors.

    41. Wellsphere : Simply type in “Pilates”into the search engine to get resources. You can also sign into the community to make your very own health page. Be sure not to miss the other expert articles from everyone from triathletes to doctors.

    42. Spark People : This social network is where people connect to get fit. Meet others who are interested in Pilates, as well as those who have been doing it for years. They also have tips for recipes, green living, and much more.

Best Yoga Blogs for the Pilates Beginner

Because yoga has much in common with Pilates, check out these blogs.

    43. Everything Yoga Blog : Do, live, and be yoga with the help of this blog. Useful links include the highly recommended, therapy, and videos. A recent entry was on Destination Peace.

    44. Young Yoga Masters : Online teaching tools and more greet visitors here. Be sure to have a look at the “Five Blog Posts to Get Started.” They even have tips for yoga for kids.

    45. Yoga Force : Annie Appleby is the founder of Yoga Force and is a spokesperson for American Bone Health. Her blog is full of tips for doing yoga and Pilates for health. Visit the main site for more.

    46. Bow Down Yoga : Sofi is an advanced certified Jivamukti Yoga Instructor and a level one certified LifeForce Yoga practitioner. In addition to the blog, there are also yoga podcasts. See what she is up to and get tips on the blog.

    47. Yoga Dudes : A group of bloggers write about yoga, fitness, and other ramblings. Inspiration, as well as fitness tips, is also shared. A recent post was on a Bollywood workout video.

    48. Elephant Beans : Another group of bloggers share thoughts on fitness and life. Top posts here include information on classes, short shorts, and why potheads make the best athletes. They also recently weighed in on the benefits and harms of soy.

    49. Anmol Mehta : The mastery of meditation, yoga, and Zen are all discussed here. Free yoga poses are also available with a click. Spiritual stories from Sri Ramakrishna are the topic of the latest post.

    50. Align to Center : Yoga to center one’s being is the focus of this blog. Although a short blog, morning inspirations and pictures are sure to inspire.

Be sure and to consult your physician before starting a new workout or diet plan and any of the health advice read in the above 50 best blogs for the Pilates beginner. Although the exercises may look simple, if done improperly, they can lead to serious injury.