Cheerleading was once a passive sport, but it’s now evolved into a major competitive sport that hundreds of thousands of American teenagers participate in. From dance routines to cheering on a team to the championship game, cheerleaders are taking their hobby seriously and these cheerleading blogs will show you just popular the sport is from sea to shining sea.

Blogs and Sites for Learning About Cheerleading

Learn all about what it takes to be a cheerleader and prep for a performance with these cheerleading blogs.

1. Cheerleading Uniforms Blog At this site you’ll learn fitness tips and how to take your squad from mediocre to great with team building tactics and fun activities to unite the group.

2. Cheer GK Elite From logos to the ultimate cheers and finding the right undergarments, this site is all about getting prepped to look good in your uniform.

3. Ultimate Cheerleaders This site has interviews and images of professional cheerleaders and cheerleader-like positions such as the NHL ice girls.

4. About Cheerleading This site is dedicated to all things cheer, including sections for beginners and All-Star competitors. The blog is constantly updated, so there’s always something new to learn.

5. All-Star Cheerleading Blog If you’re an All-Star cheerleader, you know it takes serious hard work to put together a routine to compete. This blog will show you the tricks of the trade when it comes to making your performance pop.

6. Confident Cheerleading Looking good when performing relies on your confidence level in a major way. This site shows you how to look and feel your best when you’re on the field or on a stage.

7. Pro Cheer Blog This blog is aimed at professional cheerleaders and dancers, but has plenty of cheer tips that cheerleaders of any age group can learn from.

8. Inside Cheerleading The online home of Inside Cheerleading magazine, this blog is penned by a college cheerleader who gives readers an insider’s look at what it’s like to cheer on the sidelines for a major football team.

9. Cheer Zone This site is loaded with cheer news, including fun vintage pictures of cheerleaders. There’s also video footage of easy exercises cheerleaders can do to keep them in shape.

10. Meg’s Cheerleader Blog At this site, a real cheerleader gives you tips on how to hold fundraisers and create unity within a team.

11. Sideline Star This is the blog for professional cheerleaders, but it has a bevy of simple routines and chants that any cheer team can perform while on the sidelines.

12. Cheerleading Use Google translator to convert this German cheerleading blog to English and learn how this cheer team is improving their routines and creating a bond through hard work.

13. Coaching Youth Cheerleading This cheer blog shows cheer coaches how to work with youth cheerleaders so they gradually build their confidence and skills when performing.

14. Buffalo Pro Cheer This site is penned by the Buffalo Bills cheerleading squad and gives you a look at what life’s like as a professional cheerleader.

15. Cheerleading USA This site is all about teaching how to look the part and blend in seamlessly when you’re on the field or stage. Remember that cheering is a team sport, so standing out is only necessary if a routine calls for it.

Competitive Cheerleading Blogs

If you’re prepping for tryouts or looking for tips for a flawless state championship routine, these cheerleading blogs will show you how to do it in style.


16. The World of Gymnastics Learn new gymnastics moves and study techniques at this site that’s packed with video footage to show you the ropes.

17. Gym Drills Any competitive cheer team does major stunts. Keep yourself in tip-top shape by conducting these drills when you aren’t practicing to keep your strength up.

18. Going Pro Entertainment This blog is brought to you by ex-pro cheerleaders to give you tips on how to make the competition squad you’re after.

19. Spirit Safety Learn how to be safe on and off the stage with tips on spotting and stunting with your cheer squad.

20. World Cheerleading Association This is the online home of one of the major players in the competitive cheerleading world. Learn more about the annual competition and get event dates and entry deadlines so you’re squad can get in on the action.

21. Pop Warner Cheer Pop Warner is no longer just about soccer and little league baseball. They’ve added cheering to their roster and this site focuses on competitive cheering for younger age groups.

Articles on Cheerleading

These articles look at cheerleading’s pros and cons and discuss the ongoing debate – is cheerleading a sport? Despite the ribbons and short skirts, anyone who’s ever done a toe touch knows it definitely is a sport!

22. Wall Street Journal – What’s the Point of Cheerleading? Sure cheering is fun, but in some cases it leads to severe injuries and almost always causes animosity among high school girls. So why’s it still around?

23. CheerHome This site has articles over the history of cheering and how to get your squad motivated for big events and competitions.

24. USA Today – Cheerleading In the USA Cheering isn’t only popular because it’s an athletic feat and the official sport of the popular crowd; it’s a big business that doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

25. Time – Cheerleading’s Risky Lack of Rules Unlike other sports, there are no set safety rules used across the board for cheerleaders. This article examines the injuries and, in some cases, fatalities that are a result of essentially no rules while performing or trying stunts.

26. eHow – Articles on Cheering From choosing a uniform to building your confidence to try out again after being rejected the previous year, this eHow page has an array of cheerleading articles to choose from.

Cheerleading is a popular American pastime that extends beyond middle school. Competitive cheer squads are known for pushing cheerleaders’ endurance and fitness levels making them athletes in their own right. Visit these cheerleading blogs and websites for tips on taking your performance to the next level and improving your stunts and jumps.