Originating in India, yoga is the art of disciplining both mind and body. There are several branches of yoga and different practices within each branch. Students also range from the school age to the senior. Because of its low impact, just about anyone can start yoga and get all sorts of benefits. With more questions than answers however, yoga can be one of the most complex parts of your day.

It doesn’t have to be. To help, we have gathered 50 great tips and techniques for teachers, students, and everyone in between. Yoga practitioners at any level can now get videos on the proper techniques, reviews of products before a penny is spent, and instructions on how to master the most difficult of yoga poses.

Great Tips & Techniques for Yoga Teachers

You don’t have to be a yoga teacher to take advantage of these tips and techniques, but it doesn’t hurt.

    1. When Yoga Teachers Turn to Lifestyle Preachers : Yoga Buzz is a blog dedicated to the latest yoga trends. In this post, teachers are examined as not only leaders but preachers. Learn how to navigate the two with a read.

    2. YD Yoga School Week 1 : This is the very first installment of what will be a six month journey of yoga knowledge as shared on the blog. The Yoga Dork discusses what is learned each week and welcomes any and all class participation from those who read along. The first class is on “a lotta asana.”

    3. Five More Things Your Teacher Wants You to Know : What do all yoga teachers have in common? The desire that students learn as much as possible. The Spoiled Yogi shows which lessons are on the top five.

    4. Morning Sequence : Use this every morning or in your classes to begin your day the yoga way. Jason Crandell and Yoga Journal show you how. There are also many other entries to help with yoga.

    5. Die, Smug Yoga Teacher, Die : What drove Neal Pollack to utter these words? Read this excerpt from his book to find out. Graphic language and adult themes follow.

    6. Yoga Sequence Builder : Use this free tool to build a sequence of personalized poses. Simply click on a pose to add it to the sequence tray. You can also add a title, description, and share your creation with others.

    7. FAQ : As a yoga teacher, you will encounter many questions from students. Bryn Chrisman, who teaches vinyasa flow yoga and kirtan in New York City, responded to readers’ questions about yoga here. They include advancing in yoga, positions, and even becoming an instructor.

    8. 27 Things to Know About Yoga : If the above aren’t enough, have a look at this blog entry. Yoga expert and author Victoria Klein shares the secrets and well-known practices of yoga. Just a few include favorite poses, history of yoga, and more.

Great Yoga Inspiration Tips & Techniques for Yourself and Your Students

Both teachers and students can get inspired in their yoga from these blog posts.

    9. 400 People Practice Yoga at Cowboys Stadium : Think you are the only one who enjoys yoga? Then check out his article from a local CBS station who reported on hundreds of women converging at Cowboys Stadium to heal their bodies and minds. They also raised $14,000 to help fight breast cancer.

    10. Posing as Fitness : In an interview with “The New York Times,”pop singer Sting admitted to doing yoga. What is more inspirational is that a certain pose helped him enjoy intercourse with his wife for eight hours at a time. Read to find out which pose.

    11. Five Reasons to Practice in Your Living Room : Get inspired to learn yoga on your own in this blog posts. Reasons include the adventure, fashion, schedule, teacher, and cost.

    12. The Meaning of Namaste : Every yogi says it, but do you know what it means? Expert Aadil Palkhivala gives an answer on the word. He also tells when and why it should be said.

    13. Lady Gaga Takes Private Yoga Class in Cleveland : Whether you love, hate, or are indifferent to the pop star, it is gratifying to know that someone who is worth millions can still take the time for yoga. In this blog entry, the Yoga Dork tells the tale of how and what yoga posts were taught. A little gossip is also included.

    14. Yoga Weight Loss : If shedding pounds is your inspiration, check out this yoga blog entry. In it, expert Natasha answers a reader’s question on when is the best time for those looking to lose weight to practice yoga.

    15. Budget Yoga : If the cost is keeping you away from a yoga class, click here. Ann Pizer of About.com gives tips for finding and taking yoga classes on the cheap. You can also get a few tips and poses to do yourself at home.

Great Instructional Tips & Techniques for Yourself and Your Students

Whether by teachers or for teachers, these yoga blog posts offer great instructional tips.

    16. The Eightfold Path of Yoga is More Than Just Physical Fitness : Jean Grant-Sutton chimes in on this post from local practitioners who write on alternative health. Eight important parts of yoga including asanas and yama are discussed. You can also find other yoga related posts here.

    17. Downward Facing Dog’s Life : Yoga for busy people is the subject of this blog post. In the business section of “The New York Times,”professionals share which poses accompany them on their business trips. Simple guides for doing them are also included.

    18. Backbend to Forward Bend : This is one of the most popular posts listed on Yoga Journal. See how and why to do it here. Other related poses are also included.

    19. Advanced Yoga Practices : If students or teachers are moving up a level in yoga, click here. The first of ten lessons in this session are featured here. Thoughts on yoga are given, and the site has loads more.

    20. Stories of Career Change to Yoga Teacher : Students who are on the verge of becoming teachers can click here. Teachers share several stories on why they became instructors and how. Also a good choice for yoga teachers who need inspiration.

    21. How Old is Yoga? : A question many students may ask, learn the answer here. Although it has been in the United States for only about 50 years or so, it has been perfected around the globe for much longer. The bloggers at Elephant Bean have more.

    22. Back to School Yoga : Whether you or your kids are destined to return to the books, learn how to do yoga for it here. Exercises such as the Take Five Breath and Mudras are shared. Sarah Herrington has more.

    23. Q & A with Mandy Ingber : Want to learn yoga from Jennifer Aniston’s teacher? Get the next best thing in this interview with her from Mind Body Green. In it, Mandy discusses the concept of “yogalosophy.”

    24. Eight Yoga Moves You Can Do With Your Dog : Get your furry friends involved in this type of yoga from Annie Appleby. Eight poses include mountain, upward paw, and of course, down and upward facing dog. She also has many other yoga entries and instructions.

    25. Resources for Yoga Instructors : Marina is one of the many yoga enthusiasts at United Yogis. In this blog entry, she shares links to loads of resources for yoga instructors. They include getting started as a teacher, preparing for class, and more.

Great Multimedia Tips & Techniques for Yourself and Your Students

View, listen to, or even watch these great tips and techniques for yoga below.

    26. Yoga Lab : The University of Florida provides this interactive guide to yoga. Choose from terms, history, and types. They also include information on poses and more.

    27. Alternative Asanas : Learn more about alternative forms of yoga in this slide show. They include laughter yoga and its uses. A must see for pictures of students who would not typically make up a yoga class enjoying themselves.

    28. The Inappropriate Yoga Guy : Ogden is that guy who can ruin a yoga class. In this humorous video, watch Ogden’s adventures in yoga class. Great for a laugh and what not to do.

    29. Improve Downward Facing Dog : Hardly anyone’s favorite yoga pose, learn how to do it correctly here. Paula Tursi shows you why it is such an essential pose and how to improve it. There are also many other yoga videos here.

    30. Star Wars Yoga : You don’t have to visit a galaxy far, far away to appreciate this form of yoga. Many elements from the “Star Wars”movies are incorporated into yoga here. A video from Matthew Latkiewicz shows more about his special brand of yoga.

    31. Yoga Antigo : See how group yoga is performed on stage in this popular yoga video. It is performed by the Teatro Municipal in 2008 and posted by Mara Benbassat.

    32. Hot Yoga Challenge : Zuzana challenges you to beat her in this yoga exercise. Although she is wearing a bikini, the video is not as steamy as it sounds. Millions have already watched in on YouTube.

    33. Headstand Workout : Zuzana returns in this yoga video. She shares her favorite yoga pose, which is a headstand. Click on her site to see the entire episode.

    34. Beginners’ Yoga Poses : If the above is too complex for you, stop here. About.com gives a virtual database of yoga videos. Poses from downward facing dog to the warrior are shared.

Great Yoga Reviews for Yourself and Your Students

See what gear passed the test and didn’t with these blog entries.

    35. Amazon Yoga Reviews : Start here at super online store Amazon. Top selling products in yoga have dozens of reviews and Amazon even lists them by popularity. Current top choices include mats, blocks, and even a CD.

    36. What Not to Wear : Don’t be “that girl”with the help of this blog entry from the Spoiled Yogi. The problems of dress and solutions are shared. There is even a related article for men.

    37. Yoga Mat Bags : A good mat-bag combo can have both teacher and student looking forward to the next class. Jennifer Bleyer takes a look at popular types to see which is the best. Simply begin the slideshow to see.

    38. Q & A with Melissa Etheridge : The soulful singer is also a cancer survivor. See which yoga and books she prefers in this interview. Music is also discussed.

    39. Yoga Tea : Learn how to combine yoga and tea in this blog entry. From Everything Yoga, they discuss their favorite types of tea along with their benefits. Even personalized recommendations are shared.

    40. The Answer to my Dehydration Problems : One of the Yoga Dudes has a problem with hydration. In this blog entry, he reviews a product called the Ultima Replenisher, a natural sports drink with zero sugar. See why he loves it and where to get it.

    41. Corpse Pose : It’s “death to your troubles”when you learn this pose. The art of Savasana is discussed by Devon on United Yogis. She discusses how ironically the easiest pose is also the easiest one to skip.

    42. How to Shop Like a Yogi : The Spoiled Yogi shares picks for yoga bags in “Bag Schwag.”Favorites such as grocery bags and beach bags are shared. They are also reusable and are eco-friendly.

Great Tips & Techniques for Yoga Students

Check out these articles by and for yoga students just like you.

    43. Five Things Every Beginning Yoga Student Should Know : Read this blog entry to get the low down on what will happen on your first class. Expectations and failures are included. Also a good read for teachers to know what to expect from students.

    44. Top 10 Yoga Poses : Teach yourself the ten basic yoga poses in this guide from AnmolMehta. Videos and guides to each are shared. You can also find loads of other yoga tips and techniques on the site.

    45. Manly Yoga : If you think yoga is just for chicks, check out this blog entry. A local Fox affiliate reports on the growing trend of men in yoga. The four “F’s of Male Yogaphobia”are discussed.

    46. Why I Almost Ran Away From Yoga School : If the idea of a yoga class seems scary to you, you are not alone. Neal Pollack shares why he almost quit yoga school at the beginning. A quick hint: it had to do with complaints of other students.

    47. The Game : If you were stranded on a dessert island and only had one yoga pose to do, what would it be? The blogger at Beginner’s Mind gives a student answer to this question. Others also weigh in on the question.

    48. Yoga Etiquette : Keep from doing the yoga equivalent of putting your elbows on the table with the help of this blog post. Rules such as shoes, cell phone, and punctuality are shared. There are also tips on the art of Savasana.

    49. Basic Yoga Positions for Beginners : Even if you’ve never taken a class before, stop here to learn the basics of yoga. You can also click on an online beginning yoga class. It consists of the best yoga pranayama techniques for beginners and it will also incorporate the beginner’s yoga positions that I have detailed below.

    50. 30 Day Yoga Challenge : Transform your life in just 30 days with a visit here. Visit to get tips for how yoga can change just about any lifestyle in one month. They include free resources, a community, and videos.

Be sure to consult a physician before beginning a new fitness routine or following any of the advice read in the above 50 great tips and techniques for yourself and your students. Although yoga can be a low impact exercise, there are still those who should not perform it without a doctor’s permission.